Bitcoin Superstar Review

You should not register with Bitcoin SuperStar

We recommend that you steer clear of this platform. Signing up with BitClub won’t just lead to deposit reduction but will also expose you to cyber attacks.

Our investigation indicates that they pay little attention to customers’ safety. Here are the top reasons why this stage is an outright scam.

The biggest red flag which BitClub is a scam is that they tell on their site. First, they claim they are a publicly traded company. They go farther ahead to point out that because their CEO took over, their stock price has plummeted 80%. This claim isn’t only absurd but clearly indicates they don’t care if people notice they are a scam.

Worse, they use bogus profiles for the CEO, COO, and CIO. As mentioned previously, InsideBitcoins has ran a reverse picture search and can confirm

If you deposit cash with this robot, you’re very likely to lose it in under one hour. The Bitcoin SuperStar trading platform seems to have been configured to make losses.

No withdrawals

As soon as you make a deposit with this robot, you can not withdraw it. BitClub functions with scam agents in collaboration. These brokers main purpose is to receive new deposits and they go missing. We’ve established that BitClub doesn’t offer any customer support especially if enquiries are about withdrawals.

Partners with sham brokers

InsideBitcoins investigation reveals that BitClub works with authorised agents. They also can’t be traced given that they’re not enrolled in any jurisdiction.

Unsafe trading platform

Our tests show that BitClub isn’t a safe trading robot. Primarily, they keep moving from one domain into another. Second, their trading platform isn’t secured which means that hackers can intercept traffic and steal customers’ data. We also have determined that this robot shares users’ information with third parties such as scam agents.

The Verdict!

Bitcoin SuperStar is a scam trading robot and we suggest that you keep away from it. Our investigation shows you will lose money if you sign up with this robot. The folks behind this platform are experienced scammers operating under different names.

Additionally, InsideBitcoins can confirm that the majority of the information provided in their site is false. The executive profiles and users reviews are all faked. We can affirm that the photographs used on the profiles are all downloaded from stock pictures websites.

InsideBitcoins conducts a comprehensive investigation that will assist you identify superior robots and prevent scammers. The robots advocated in this review have been tested and proven to be extremely legit.

The Bitcoin Superstar system is a brand new system that promises it can enable you to generate an automated income of thousands per day through Bitcoin trading even if you don’t happen to know the first thing about Bitcoin or trading…

But could it really be true? Could a system really generate you so much money entirely on autopilot? Or is Bitcoin Superstar a scam that’s actually just set out to part you with your hard earned cash?

Well I’m glad that you came here to this review first before diving in & signing up because I can tell you right from the off that the Bitcoin Superstar system is certainly NOT what it seems… In fact it’s actually pretty darn dangerous.

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Is Bitcoin SuperStar Legit?

Although some people on the internet are referring to this App as a scam, our findings prove otherwise. Just like other Bitcoin software like CryptoSoft, the algorithms applied in Bitcoin SuperStar may have powerful automation as well as artificial intelligence. However, this App is still a very powerful trading tool for Bitcoin online. A user will need to learn and understand the ins and outs of the platform to make huge profits. We have concluded as follows following our test results:

  1. The software makes actual payouts.
  2. Bitcoin Superstar isn’t a scam unless the user doesn’t understand the risks involved in auto-trading
  3. Make a small amount of initial investment and you’ll be rewarded after you master the way the platform operates; $250 is good to start.

How Does Bitcoin SuperStar Work?

Even though this software is able to perform huge numbers of trades in minutes, without funds to invest, it won’t give you the profit you need. So you need to invest some money. With money from the software’s users, it invests the funds at the ideal time in the extensive Bitcoin markets throughout the globe.

From all the money invested by users across the globe, the software makes huge millions of profits. While some of the profits remain in the system to take care of daily operations, the rest of the returns are divided among the users. So, the more you have in investment, the more you will enjoy as profits.

What is Bitcoin SuperStar?

Bitcoin SuperStar claims to be a piece of software that automatically identifies and implements trading opportunities in the ICOs marketplace. The way the system does this remains a mystery given that the ICO sector isn’t fast-paced enough for day trading. Similarly, the industry is presently on its deathbed as regulators across the globe move in with stringent regulations.

InsideBitcoins analysis reveals that Bitcoin SuperStar is nothing but a scam. You stand no chance of making any money with this platform. Additionally, you won’t get back your money if you decided to deposit it together. There is also a high likelihood that this platform will expose you to more harm by exposing your data to hackers.

In our view, Bitcoin SuperStar is nothing but a bait to get investors to join with unknown and scam ICOs. Our tests reveal that you will be asked to put money into unproven preliminary coin offerings if you open an account with them. These ICOs are only sites aimed at tricking unsuspecting investors into signing up. We recommend that you stay away from this platform. Keep reading to learn more about the Bitcoin SuperStar scam and also get recommendations for legit trading bots.

Who Launched Bitcoin SuperStar?

Like most scam trading platforms, Bitcoin SuperStar doesn’t disclose any information about its founders and team. Furthermore, they don’t have active customer service lines. The contact page on their website is unresponsive, and they don’t provide any other contact method at all.

Bitcoin SuperStar also does provide any information about its registration as a company. Additionally, there are no details about its physical location. In regards to partner brokers, this platform only discloses them after sign up.

With all these details lacking, there’s absolutely no way of holding this stage accountable if they vanish with your money. Our analysis of online reviews shows that most people who have attempted this platform have lost their money. As soon as you make a deposit, you can’t withdraw back your money. Also, if you decide to trade, your account is likely to be wiped out in seconds.

InsideBitcoins tests reveal that Bitcoin SuperStar is a complete scam. Our investigation is based on four major pillars namely transparency, reputability, consistency, ease of use and customer service. Bitcoin SuperStar scores poorly in all these areas. Here are a few reasons as to why you don’t open an account with this trading platform.

Bitcoin SuperStar web-trader is only a template. We didn’t find any evidence of underlying technology. Our investigation points to the possibility of the platform being nothing but a page that tricks investors into opening an account with offshore scam agents. Bitcoin SuperStar claims to use the blockchain technology and AI in its approach but doesn’t offer any explanation of how it will.

Furthermore, InsideBitcoins analysis of the testimonials on their webpage shows they are false. We did not find any information about the people listed on the site. Some of the photos provided for past investors are downloaded out of stock images. They also falsely claim to work in partnership with BITFINEX, Coindesk, GDAX, and The Coin Telegraph.

Poor online sentiment

Most people who have tried this trading robot report that it is a scam. InsideBitcoins analysis of online reviews reveals that at least 99.9% of users report losing their money. Our investigation further shows that Bitcoin SuperStar doesn’t allow any withdrawals. As soon as you deposit money with them, consider it as missing. This goes without mentioning that you won’t make a single penny trading using this platform. As stated earlier, investors who attempt this bot report losing all their funds in the first few minutes of trading.

Unsafe website and trading platform

InsideBitcoins finds Bitcoin SuperStar website and trading platform to be dangerous. First, their website does not have an SSL certificate. A Secure Socket Layer (SSL) is an online protocol which ensures that all data passing through a website is encrypted. This means that hackers can’t intercept and read it.

With Bitcoin SuperStar, hackers can easily download and access users’ information. Moreover, the same can happen to the web-trader since it is built on the identical unsecured domain. What this signifies is that there is a possibility of hackers stealing your information including billing details if you join with this platform.

Worse, Bitcoin SuperStar appears to share users’ information with third-party brokers. You are likely to receive a lot of unsolicited offers from sham offshore brokers if you sign up with this trading bot.

Terrible customer service

Bitcoin SuperStar customer support is largely unavailable. The contact page on their website is searchable, plus they don’t provide alternative contact lines. A live chat option is there, but it is mostly unanswered. InsideBitcoins analysis reveals that Bitcoin SuperStar sole motivation is to get people to deposit with scam brokers.

This means that you need to follow up with these brokers for customer services. These brokers will probably block you after you express the intention of withdrawing your funds. They’ll also attempt to try deceive you into depositing more money with them. This clarifies the many unsolicited offers users receive after opening an account with Bitcoin SuperStar.

When determining a legit trading bot, customer service should be the number one factor to consider. Trustworthy platforms not only invest in communication infrastructure but also the team to answer clients questions. Furthermore, there should be a fixed telephone number through which customers can reach out for help. All the robots advocated in this review have been confirmed to have excellent customer services.