Bitcoin Era Review

Is Bitcoin Era legit? Our verdict!

It was easy to conclude that Bitcoin Era is legit; we used the live trading feature, made a profit, and withdrew our earnings to a bank account without any problems. If it was a scam, we wouldn’t have been able to withdraw our earnings. And there are no restrictions to withdraw funds from Bitcoin Era accounts.

We think everyone should grab the opportunity to make money from the cryptocurrency market, and Bitcoin Era offers this golden opportunity.

Conclusion: An outstanding software for beginners and professionals.


Is Bitcoin Era a secure platform?

Yes, it is, the auto trading platform is secure, all funds are protected, and the user information on the site is encrypted.

How much can I make with Bitcoin Era?

Your earning potential is limitless. The system works perfectly, and higher deposits generate more profits.

How much is needed to open a new account?

There are no fees to be paid if you want to open a new Bitcoin Era account. It is free, all you need to do is fund your account and start making money.

Is there a customer service centre?

Yes, there is a customer service helpdesk and it is available 24/7.

Beware! This is an offshore broker! Your investment may be at risk.


Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Open trading accounts with at least two brokers.

Crypto robots such as Bitcoin Era are plaguing the Forex trading world. Often made in the most absurd manner – their websites are quite self-serving and are all made following the same outline. In most cases all they have to offer is a simple, narrated trailer-video which, ideally, should convince traders to invest with them. Bitcoin Era does not differ from the rest and we are presented with a video about the opportunities of Bitcoin made of sliced extracts from news and interviews with economists. It is quite general and does not offer anything specific. From what we could discern – the crypto robot is offering some sort of auto-trading software which is pretty much the case with every other robot. We also read that many supposed clients of the broker have made thousands of dollars trading. There is even an icon on the top left corner of the website supposedly showing clients winning money in real time – another popular trope of crypto robots. We also read that the clients of the robot “became millionaires”; we are inclined to suspect the validity of such claims. Here is a screenshot of the webpage:

Is Bitcoin Era App a Scam?

Let me tell you why some people think that Bitcoin Era App is a big scam.

First of all, Bitcoin Era App is advertised by an exclusive club to be reserved for the new millionaires. When you sign up on this app, you will have access to the automated trading software that has a 99.4% accuracy level. It sounds so true! I even believe it so. But when I began listening to the sales video, I thought precisely similar to what other people think. I suspected a trickery.

Some phrases quote my attention: no banks, fees, and inflation. These are copied phrases from scammers. I started to believe that this is another get-rich scheme which I hate.

I have read some reviews online, and I got some complaints. For it to work, you have to fund your account. I thought of monetary losses due to this bot. I also read plenty of misleading reviews by its affiliate marketers. It becomes hard to identify which one is the truth and genuine. As of now, the Bitcoin Era App is a viral scam that is trending online.

As I check on the website of Bitcoin Era App, I noticed that the site is very enticing. You can be convinced that you can become the next millionaire. Anyone who likes to be one will be hooked to this scheme. Take a look at the registration page; nine duplicate sites have the same sales pitch. They sell the same idea, and that is for you to become the next millionaire. If you think about it, this bot is making you expect from nothing.

Bitcoin Era App is a recycled scam, check on the picture, and you will see nine the same platforms. There are also fake YouTube reviews. If you have more exposures to this platform, the more information, you see. By that time, you can already see why people say that it is a scam. There are also fake reviews. I sometimes look at the reviews from the web to see if the site is real or not. I saw some news articles which people say are fake. The names of the people on the pictures are falsified, and the same people do not exist at all because they are just imaginary.

Why is Bitcoin Era App an award-winning scam?

Note that many people are becoming a victim of Bitcoin Era App scam. From its sales page, it says that the bot performs to an extreme accuracy level. In reality, you are joining a losing club. Professionals who designed this trading robot will steal your money. If you think that you can become a millionaire by just trading using this bot, you should wake up now.

Do not forget that plenty of affiliates are online. They are active and enthusiastic about promoting this crypto scam. You can find plenty of deceiving materials all around the online world. Even social media apps like Facebook is now becoming an avenue to deceive people.

Regulation and security of funds

Regulation is the single most important factor for the safety of any investment in the online trading world, which is unfortunately plagued with con-artists.

Bitcoin Era does not mention anything about license, nor financial regulation. What is worse, its website contains no information whatsoever on the company behind it – there is no name, no address, not even a contact number. So, the website and its related services are completely anonymous. This is a sign of trouble because anonymity is quite common when it comes to scamming. Clients that have fallen victim to a fraud perpetrated by anonymous websites have no legal options afterwards.

If you are into cryptocurrencies, you may try to trade them on a reliable cryptocurrency exchange or as CFDs (contracts for difference) with a licensed forex broker. As in any other trading venue, there is risk, but at least the chance of foul play is not as high as with anonymous crypto robots like Bitcoin Era.